47 Years of Experience

Our company was founded as a cotton processing installation in the early 1970s. Afterwards our company which made an impressinon thanks to OPEN-END yarn investment was demanded in the sector. The company continued high quality Open End manufacturing until in the early 2000s. Our company decided to invest in Spunbond Nonwoven. In this sector Our company makes a difference by collacting experience, business culture,customer satisfaction and quality. The company continues to manufacture in 2nd Industrial Zone of Gaziantep city. Our company is located on 15.000 square meter indoor area plant and 10.000 square meter open space. In order that our company manufactures high quality Spunbond Nonwoven , we keep up with the technology and R&D Works. Our company which has 14.000 ton capacity is able to manufacture wide-ranging nonwoven from 10gr/m2 to 180gr/m2 . Our company has S, SS, SMS and SMMS nonwovens. The lines are designed to meet customer’s demands. They are able to manufacture different PE laminated desing , PP spunbond and PP in various colors. We manufacture nonwovens which is with UV protective, hygenic, anti-static and noncombustible. Our company which offers customers’ demands is certificated with ISO 9001:2015 and Oeko Text standart 100. The company , good supplier of numerous brands in the world and Turkey, proceeds with policy of inhancing the quality.


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Başpınar / Gaziantep / Türkiye